Sauerkraut is a probiotic food with unprocessed cultures in every spoonful.It can heal your gut and support the immune system as an excellent source of digestive enzymes and prebiotics. Using thousand year old fermentation traditions puts Superkrauts at the core of nutritional therapy aimed at optimal health.


Classic Kraut.jpg

Classic Kraut

Code: 207019

Size: 6/24 oz

Detox Kraut.jpg

detox kraut

Code: 207029

Size: 6/24 oz

Healing Tonic.jpg

healing tonic

Code: 207033

Size: 6/24 oz

Red Ginger ‌Zinger.jpg

red ginger zinger

Code: 207021

Size: 6/24 oz

Zesty Sriracha.jpg

zesty sriracha

Code: 207023

Size: 6/24 oz

Cranberry Apple.jpg

cranberry apple

Code: 207032

Size: 6/24 oz

Green Goddess.jpg

green goddess

Code: 207024

Size: 6/24 oz

Mojito Kraut.jpg


Code: 207025

Size: 6/24 oz

Smokey Purple.jpg

smokey purple

Code: 207028

Size: 6/24 oz

Crispy Curry.jpg

crispy curry

Code: 207020

Size: 6/24 oz

Healing Kraut.jpg

healing kraut

Code: 207017

Size: 6/24 oz

Red Ginger Super Tonic.jpg

red ginger tonic

Code: 207037

Size: 6/24 oz

Sports Tonic.jpg

sports tonic

Code: 207036

Size: 6/24 oz