Organic Valley


At Organic Valley, they like to keep things honest and simple. Like dairy produced with no added hormones, antibiotics or toxic pesticides. Produce grown the organic way, with none of the toxins or synthetic fertilizers. And cheese made by farmers and artisans who care about the environment, the animals and you—their customers.

0% Fat Free Half Gallon.jpg

Skim Milk Half Gallon

Code: 45720

Size: 6/64 oz

1% Lactose Free.jpg

1% Lactose Free Half Gallon

Code: 64007

Size: 6/64 oz

Baby Swiss Cheese Sliced.jpg

Sliced Baby Swiss Cheese

Code: 64258

Size: 12/6 oz

Cheddar Cheese Stricks.jpg

Cheddar Cheese Stringles

Code: 45715

Size: 12/6 oz

Cream Cheese Bar.jpg

Cream Cheese Bar

Code: 45757

Size: 12/8 oz

Ghee Butter.jpg

Ghee Butter

Code: 65317

Size: 12/7.5 oz

Half and Half Half Gallon.jpg

Half and Half Half Gallon

Code: 207042

Size: 6/64 oz

Heavy Whipping Cream 8 oz.jpg

Whipping Cream

Code: 45729

Size: 6/64 oz

Lowfat Cottage cheese.jpg

2% Cottage Cheese

Code: 45524

Size: 6/16 oz

Monterey Jack Cheese Block.jpg

Monterey Jack Cheese

Code: 45538

Size: 12/8 oz

Omega 3 Milk.jpg

Omega 3 Whole Milk Half Gallon

Code: 45727

Size: 6/64 oz

Pepper Jack Cheese Block.jpg

Pepper Jack Cheese

Code: 45513

Size: 12/8 oz

Ricotta Cheese Tub.jpg

Ricotta Cheese Tub

Code: 45743

Size: 6/15 oz

Sliced Muenster Cheees.jpg

Sliced Muenster Cheese

Code: 62259

Size: 12/16 oz


0% Fat Free Quart.jpg

Skim Milk Quart

Code: 207041

Size: 12/32 oz

1% Quart Lowfat.jpg

1% Milk Quart

Code: 207039

Size: 12/32 oz

Baby Swiss Cheese.jpg

Baby Swiss Cheese

Code: 45535

Size: 12/8 oz

Colby Cheese Sticks.jpg

Colby Cheese Block

Code: 45518

Size: 12/8 oz

Cultured Butter.jpg

Unsalted Butter

Code: 45499

Size: 15/16 oz

Grass fed whole milk half gallon REDUCED FAT.jpg

2% Grass Fed Milk

Code: 69524

Size: 6/64 oz

Half and Half Half Pint.jpg

Half and Half Pint

Code: 45470

Size: 12/32 oz

Heavy Whipping Cream 64.jpg

Whipping Cream

Code: 45741

Size: 12/16 oz

Lowfat Sour Cream Tub.jpg

Lowfat Sour Cream

Code: 45744

Size: 6/16 oz

Mozarella Cheese Block.jpg

Mozzarella Cheese Block

Code: 45511

Size: 12/8 o

Organic Raw Cheddar Cheese Block.jpg

Grassmilk Raw Cheddar Cheese

Code: 45762

Size: 10/8 oz

Provolone Cheese Block.jpg

Provolone Cheese Block

Code: 45512

Size: 12/8 oz

Salted Butter.jpg

Pasture Raised Salted

Code: 45537

Size: 15/16 oz

Sour Cream Tub.jpg

Sour Cream Pint

Code: 45527

Size: 6/16 oz

0% Lactose Free.jpg

Skim Lactose Free Half Gallon

Code: 64114

Size: 6/64 oz

2% Half gallon.jpg

2% Milk Half Gallon

Code: 45722

Size: 6/64 oz

Blue Cheese Crumbles.jpg

Blue Cheese Crumbles

Code: 45510

Size: 12/4 oz

Colby Jack String Cheese.jpg

Colby Jack Cheese Stringles

Code: 45718

Size: 12/6 oz

Feta Cheese Block.jpg

Feta Cheese Block

Code: 45514

Size: 12/8 oz

Grass fed whole milk half gallon.jpg

Grass Fed Whole Milk

Code: 69525

Size: 6/64 oz

Half and Half Half quart.jpg

Half and Half Quart

Code: 45728

Size: 12/16 oz

Italian Blend Cheese.jpg

Italian Blend Shredded Cheese

Code: 45619

Size: 12/6 oz

Mexican blend.jpg

Mexican Blend

Code: 45617

Size: 12/6 oz

Mozarella Cheese Shredded.jpg

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Code: 45520

Size: 12/6 oz

Organic String Cheese.jpg

Mozzarella Cheese Stringles

Code: 45717

Size: 12/6 oz

Provolone Cheese Sliced.jpg

Sliced Provolone Cheese

Code: 69257

Size: 12/6 oz

Sharp Cheddar Cheese.jpg

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Block

Code: 45532

Size: 12/8 oz

Whole Milk Half Gallon.jpg

Whole Milk Half Gallon

Code: 45724

Size: 6/64 oz

1% Half Gallon Lowfat.jpg

1% Milk Half Gallon

Code: 45721

Size:  6/64 oz

2% Lactose Free.jpg

2% Lactose Free Half Gallon

Code: 64133

Size: 6/64 oz

Cottage Cheese Tub.jpg

4% Cottage Cheese

Code: 45523

Size: 6/16 oz

Feta Crumbles.jpg

Feta Crumbles

Code: 45545

Size: 12/4 oz

GrassMilk Sharp Cheddar Cheese Block.jpg

Grassmilk Raw Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Code: 45763

Size: 10/8 oz

Half and Half Vanilla.jpg

Vanilla Cream Half and Half

Code: 45542

Size: 6/16 oz

Mild Cheddar Cheese Stick.jpg

Mild Cheddar Cheese Block

Code: 45761

Size: 12/8 oz

Muenster Cheese.jpg

Muenster Cheese Block

Code: 45516

Size: 12/8 oz

Parmesan Cheese Shredded.jpg

Shredded Parmesan Cheese

Code: 45515

Size: 12/4 oz

Raw Mild Cheddar Cheese.jpg

Raw Mild Cheddar Cheese Block

Code: 45519

Size: 12/8 oz

Sliced Cheddar Cheese.jpg

Sliced Cheddar Cheese

Code: 65040

Size: 12/6 oz

Whole Milk Lactose Free.jpg

Whole Milk Lactose Free Half Gallon

Code: 64313

Size: 6/64 oz

Whole Milk Quart.jpg

Whole Milk Quart

Code: 45469

Size: 12/32 oz