Organic Prairie Beef steaks, roasts, ground beef and hot dogs are made from 100% certified organic beef. Their animals are raised on family farms, and never receive antibiotics, toxic pesticides, synthetic hormones, or genetically modified (GM) feed.

OG Prairie All Beef Grass Fed Dog 44932 1212oz.jpg

Organic All Beef Grass Fed Hot Dog

CODE: 44932

Size: 12/12 oz

OG Prairie Bacon Pork Smoked  44934 108 oz.jpg

Organic Prairie Bacon Turkey Smoked

CODE: 44935

Size: 10/8 oz

OG Prairie Beef Summer Sauasage 44941 812.jpg

Organic Uncured beef Summer Sausage

CODE: 44941

Size: 8/12 oz

OG Prairie Beef Summer Sauasage Sliced 45478 106 oz.jpg

Organic beef summer sausage sliced

CODE: 45478

Size: 10/6 oz

OG Prairie Ground Uncured Pepperoni 44940 105 oz.jpg

Organic uncured PEPPERONI sliced

CODE: 44940

Size: 10/5 oz

OG Prairie Porkchop Center Cut BN 45479 8515 O 81 lb.jpg

Organic PORK CHOP center Cut

Preorder 11 Day Lead Time

CODE: 45479

Size: 6/14 oz