Hawthorne Valley


Hawthorne Valley Farm (est. 1972) is a diversified, 900-acre Demeter certified 650A Biodynamic® farm (Demeter remains the oldest ecological certification organization in the world) in upstate New York. Their farm is also USDA certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved.


Jalapeno Sauerkraut WHITE.jpg

Jalapeno Feuerkraut

Code: 48170

Size: 6/15 oz

Ruby Sauerkraut White.jpg

ruby sauerkraut

Code: 48143

Size: 6/15 oz

plain white.jpg

Plain whole milk yogurt

Code: (6oz: 218013) (32 oz: 218016)

Size: (218013: 12/6 oz) (218016: 6/32 oz)

Daily Fix Probiotic WHITE.jpg

daily fix probiotic

Code: 42149

Size: 12/12 oz

Kim Chi White.jpg


Code: 48172

Size: 6/15 oz

Original Sauerkraut White.jpg

Original Sauerkraut

Code: (Bulk: 69770) (OG 15oz: 48174)

Size: (Bulk: 5 Gallon) (OG 15oz: 6/15oz)

Maple Vanilla White.jpg

maple vanilla whole milk yogurt

Code: (6oz: 218014) (32 oz: 218017)

Size: (218014: 12/6 oz) (218017: 6/32 oz)

BeetKVass White.jpg

beetkvass probiotic

Code: 41988

Size: 12/12 oz

Ginger Carrots White.jpg

ginger carrots

Code: 48171

Size: 6/15 oz

Feuerkraut Turmeric White.jpg

Turmeric Feuerkraut

Code: 48144

Size: 6/15 oz

Caraway Sauerkraut White.jpg

caraway sauerkraut

Code: 48139

Size: 6/15 oz