Thirty-two degrees

Thirty-Two Degrees Coconut Water Kefir provides you the purest and most effective probiotic products, Thirty-Two Degrees source only the most natural and living ingredients. Their coconut water kefir is an artisan blend, undergoing a delicate, small batch fermentation; the result being a serious probiotic for those seeking the expansive benefits of a resilient gut flora.

Blueberry Pomegranate.jpg

Coconut Water blueberry pomegranate

CODE: 208906

Size: 2 oz

Pink Grapefruit.jpg

                       Coconut Water                         pink grapefruit

CODE: 208908

Size: 2 oz


                 Coconut Water                   lime

CODE: 208907

Size: 2 oz

Young Coconut Lime.jpg

Coconut Water lime

CODE: 208911

Size: 16 oz

Mango Pineapple.jpg

                    Coconut Water                     mango pineapple

CODE: 208905

Size: 2 oz

Young Coconut.jpg

Coconut Water

CODE: 208909

Size: 16 oz