Andrew & Everett

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At Andrew & Everett®, it is their mission to support self-sustaining family farms.

Andrew and Everett strives for excellence in the quality and taste of their cheese, and their strict sourcing and rigorous production standards ensure 100% adherence to their product attributes. With products like deli cheese, shreds and on-the-go snacking sticks, there’s a perfect Andrew & Everett cheese for you.

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Mozzarella String Cheese

CODE: 62463

Size: 12/8 oz

Colby Jack Cheese.jpg

Colby Jack Bulk

CODE: 62423

Size: 2/5 lb

Havarti Cheese.jpg

Havarti Bulk

CODE: 62346

Size: 1/7 lb

Mexcian Mix Shredded.jpg

Shredded Mexican mix

CODE: 62560

Size: 12/8 oz

Mild Cheddar Shredded .jpg

Shredded Mild Cheddar

CODE: 62520

Size: 12/8 oz

Mozarella Shredded.jpg

Shredded mozzarella

CODE: 62480

Size: 12/8 oz

Pepper Jack Cheese Sliced.jpg

sliced Pepper Jack

CODE: 62141

Size: 12/7 oz

Provolone Cheese.jpg

Provolone Bulk

CODE: 62106

Size: 2/6 lb

Sliced Colby Jack Cheese.jpg

Shredded Colby Jack

CODE: 62440

Size: 12/8 oz

Swiss Cheese Sliced.jpg

Sliced Swiss Cheese

CODE: 62221

Size: 12/7 oz

Colby Jack Shredded.jpg

Shredded Colby Jack

CODE: 62440

Size: 12/8 oz

Havarti Sliced Cheese.jpg

Sliced havarti

CODE: 62341

Size: 12/7 oz

Mild Cheddar Bulk.jpg

Mild Cheddar bulk

CODE: 62306

Size: 2/5 lb

Mozarella Cheese Sliced.jpg

Sliced mozzarella

CODE: 62461

Size: 12/7 oz

Muenster Cheese Sliced.jpg

Sliced Muenster

CODE: 62181

Size: 12/7 oz

Pepper Jack Cheese.jpg

Pepper jack bulk

CODE: 62146

Size: 2/5 lb

Sharp Cheddar Bulk.jpg

sharp cheddar bulk

CODE: 62506

Size: 2/5 lb

Sliced Mild Cheddar.jpg

Sliced Mild Cheddar

CODE: 62320

Size: 12/8 oz

Swiss Cheese.jpg

Swiss Bulk

CODE: 62226

Size: 2/8 lb

Bulk American Cheese.jpg

American bulk

CODE: 62268

Size: 2/5 lb

Grated Parmesan.jpg


CODE: 62680

Size: 12/7 oz

Italian Blend Shredded.jpg

Shredded Italian Blend

CODE: 62580

Size: 12/7 oz

Mild Cheddar Cheese sliced.jpg

sliced mild cheddar

CODE: 62301

Size: 12/7 oz

Mozarella Cheese.jpg

mozzarella bulk

CODE: 62467

Size: 2/6 lb

Muenster Cheese.jpg

Muenster Bulk

CODE: 62186

Size: 2/6 lb

Provolone Cheese Sliced.jpg

Sliced provolone

CODE: 62101

Size: 12/7 oz

Sharp Cheddar Shredded.jpg

Shredded Sharp Cheddar

CODE: 62520

Size: 12/8 oz

Sliced Yellow American.jpg

Sliced yellow American

CODE: 62261

Size: 12/7 oz

Sliced White American

CODE: 62263

Size: 12/7 oz