As a family owned & operated company, Waterhill produces retail and bulk deli meat products that are controlled from farm to table. Manufacturing for the deli line is completed in house, no co-packers are used.

Milton Meats Onion Pepper Bacon Sausage 68311 1212 oz.jpg

Onion Pepper Bacon Sausage

CODE: 68311

Size: 12/12 oz

UPC: 868694000115

Miltons Meats Chipotle Cilantro Bacon 68312 1212 oz.jpg

Chipotle Cilantro Bacon

CODE: 68312

Size: 12/12 oz

UPC: 868694000122

Miltons Meats Uncured Low Salt Bacon 68313 128 oz.jpg

Uncured Low Salt Bacon

CODE: 68313

Size: 12/8 oz

UPC: 868694000153