The freshest ingredients make for the best tasting products. So they source as much as they can — from their garbanzo beans to many of their spices—using time-tested relationships with local farmers across the American southwest and beyond. Their partners share their values around honest ingredients, clean water, and even agricultural job creation.


Black Garlic.jpg

Black Pepper And Garlic Hummus

CODE: 219379

Size: 8/8 oz

Kale Pesto.jpg

Kale pesto Hummus

CODE: 219377

Size: 8/8 oz

Sea Salt and Olive Oil.jpg

sea salt and olive oil Hummus

CODE: 219382

Size: 8/8 oz

Buffalo Bleu.jpg

buffalo bleu hummus

CODE: 219380

Size: 8/8 oz


original Hummus

CODE: 219374

Size: 8/8 oz

thai coconut curry.jpg

thai coconut curry Hummus

CODE: 219375

Size: 8/8 oz

Jalapeno Cilantro.jpg

jalapeno cilantro

CODE: 219376

Size: 8/8 oz

Red Pepper.jpg

red pepper Hummus

CODE: 219381

Size: 8/8 oz