Our standard is simple: No antibiotics, ever.

We believe animals deserve to be handled with care and respect.

Are GMO ingredients good or bad? The jury is out, so we took them out.

Natural Cheese

Applegate Aged Cheddar Cheese 128 oz 60083.jpg

Natural Aged Cheddar                      

CODE: 60083

Size: 12/8 oz

Applegate Muenster Cheese 128 oz 60088.jpg
Applegate American Cheese 128 oz 60081.jpg

Natural American Cheese

CODE: 60081

Size: 12/8 oz

Applegate Pepper Jack Cheese 128 oz 60087.jpg
Applegate Cheddar Cheese 128 oz 60084.jpg

Natural Cheddar Cheese   

CODE:  60084

Size: 12/8 oz

Applegate Provolone Cheese 128 oz 60089.jpg
Applegate Havarti Cheese 128 oz 60086.jpg

Natural Havarti Cheese    

CODE: 60086

SizE: 12/8 oz

Applegate Swiss Cheese 128 oz 60091.jpg

Organic Cheese

Applegate Organic American 125 oz 45399.jpg
Applegate Organic Provolone 125 oz 45396.jpg
Applegate Organic Cheddar Cheese 125 oz 45398.jpg
Applegate Organic Monterey 125 oz 45395.jpg
Applegate Organic Muenster 125 oz 45396.jpg

Natural Deli Meats


Organic Deli Meats

Applegate Organic Black Forrest Ham 126 oz 44972.jpg
Applegate Organic Roast Beef 126 oz 44974.jpg
Applegate Organic Turkey Breast Smoked 126 oz 44977.jpg
Applegate Organic Chicken Breast Roasted 126 oz 44945.jpg
Applegate Organic Slow Cooked Ham 126 oz 44973.jpg
Applegate Organic Chicken Breast Smoked 126 oz 44970.jpg
Applegate Organic Turkey Breast Herb 126 oz 444975.jpg
Applegate Organic Genoa Salami 124 oz 44971.jpg
Applegate Organic Turkey Breast Roasted 126 oz 44976.jpg

Natural Hot Dogs

Applegate Natural Beef Hot Dogs 1210 oz 69019.jpg
Applegate Natural Stadium Hot Dogs 1210 oz 69018.jpg
Applegate Natural Turkey Hot Dogs 1210 oz 60736.jpg

Organic Hot Dogs

Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs 1210 oz 45648.jpg
Applegate Organic Beef Hot Dogs LARGE 1210 oz 45649.jpg
Applegate Organic Turkey Hot Dogs 1210 oz 45652.jpg

Natural Bacon

Applegate Natural Morning Bacon 128 oz 60729.jpg
Applegate Natural Sunday Bacon Reduced Sodium 128 oz 60729.jpg
Applegate Natural Thick Bacon 1212 oz 60732.jpg
Applegate Natural Turkey Bacon 128 oz 69175.jpg

Organic Bacon

Applegate Organic Sunday Bacon 128 oz 44952.jpg
Applegate Organic Turkey Bacon 128 oz 44953.jpg

Organic Sausage

Applegate Sausages Andouille 1212 oz 44958.jpg
Applegate Sausages SPinach and Feta 1212 oz 44956.jpg
Applegate Sausages Chicken Apple 1212 oz 44954.jpg
Applegate Sausages Sweet Italian 1212 oz 44957.jpg
Applegate Sausages Fire Roasted Red Pepper 1212 oz 44955.jpg